Protecting your musical instrument is essential. It is in fact essential that the violin (or any other instrument) is insured against theft, any accidental breakage and any other unplanned event that would result in a significant depreciation of your instrument. In order to offer complete assistance, we have created a partnership with one of the best insurance companies in the world, the Lark Insurance Broking Group – London, to support those who want to create a policy or test their tool for an evaluation letter. 

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A musician at the beginning of his career is not always able to buy a prestigious instrument and as a result, he is greatly limited. For this reason, we offer deserving musicians the opportunity to rent an instrument, to allow a player to enhance their talent and desire to express their skills beyond any physical difficulty.

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For an excellent musician and especially for a soloist, having a valuable instrument is a necessity.
Unfortunately, it is practically impossible for a violinist, especially a young one, to be able to purchase an instrument among those defined as “fine instruments”, as the prices relating to the purchase of such goods far exceed the economic power expressed by a profession conducted at high levels.

Instrument setup and Tonal adjustment

A correct set up of the instrument enhances the acoustic performance, making it easier for the musician to search for sound. Thanks to his training as a professional violinist, Giovanni Setaro has the ability to enhance the sound with a refined set up.


A very important aspect of our work concerns the restoration and historical conservation of violins, violas and cellos respecting the work that artists such as Stradivari have carried out throughout their life.
With the necessary care and attention, we take care of the restoration aimed at the artistic enhancement and conservation of instruments that are sometimes given to us by demanding musicians and meticulous collectors.



Alterative Investment

Historically, the world of “fine instruments” has always been reserved for a niche of fans or musicians with particular skills. In recent years, the rising demand for violins, violas and cellos for new talented musicians from the East has increased the demand by driving up the prices of instruments. Write for more info on annual increases to