Custode Marcucci, he is one of the many self-taught people who, starting from a musical / instrumental training, approach the construction of string instruments … he is one of many, but not just any one. His lutherie turns out to be not very precise, but full of personality. Born in the province of Bologna, he began his musical studies very late after years of working the land as a laborer. His instruments are recognizable, although his work has always been oriented to copy instruments that as a musician he happened to see in the orchestra, where he worked as a double bass player. He is recognized as a genuine and fast work, not very accurate in detail, but full of character. We can certainly see that all the instruments he built have a well-defined acoustic character. He produces many double basses and cellos and few violins.

Ispirato ad un modello Bergonzi, questo violino è un esempio del miglior lavoro di Marcucci e ha all'interna etichetta originale.